Election Day is Tuesday, March 10

Hi I’m Dan Klein, running for the Oyster River school board.  Election Day is this Tuesday, March 10.  Even though I’m running for the Madbury seat, voters in all three towns may vote for me.  I would very much appreciate if you did just that.  You may email me questions at DanKleinOR@gmail.com.

For more election information, see here.


Candidates Night

Thanks to everyone who came out for Candidates Night. I enjoyed answering your questions. Please click on the video below to watch my closing statement.

Election day is March 10, 2015. If you live in Madbury, Lee or Durham I would very much appreciate your vote. Please vote for Dan Klein for the Madbury seat on the Oyster River school board.

Dan Klein for Oyster River School Board

I’m Dan Klein from Madbury, NH.  I’m running for the Madbury seat on the Oyster River Cooperative School District school board.  Please check out my site for more information, including my bio and my answers to questions from the community.  You may contact me by posting a comment here or emailing me at DanKleinOR@gmail.com.

I want to invite everyone to Candidates Night, 7 pm Tuesday, February 17th in room C124 at the high school. I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.

If you live in Madbury, Lee or Durham, NH please vote for me on March 10, 2015.

I introduce myself at Deliberative Session – please click on video to play